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Q Please can you settle an argument? I look after my grandson two days a week. We have recently discovered that he has threadworms, and my daughter-in-law is blaming my dog. But we worm him regularly and, also,

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The easiest way to peel a prawn is to start by twisting and removing the head. Then pinch the shell at the front of the prawn and pull it back to remove the shell and legs together. Next, pinch the tail and pull, which will pull off the remainder of
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Beautiful sunflowers at Eden Farm Produce in Numurkah, Vic. Paulette Cole, Mooroopna, Vic In response to Linda’s ed’s letter in Issue 10 about pet names, I had a beautiful Siamese cat who was cross-eyed and looked like Barbra Streisand. As he was
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Dear That’s Life!
My boyfriend and I live two hours apart and mostly just see each other on weekends. I’m moving further away to study for a year and I’m not sure if we’ll manage only seeing each other once every few weeks or even just once a month or less. Has anyone