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When going on a picnic, pack your milk in a bottle with a pop-top lid. This makes squeezing just the right amount into your tea or coffee super simple.

Denise Lenton, Echuca,

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Simple Swap
Brand-name face cleansing wipes can cost as much as $0.28 to $0.45 per wipe. Swap them for supermarket-brand baby wipes to remove your make-up and the cost is less than $0.03 per wipe! Both CUB (from Coles) and Little Ones (from Woolies) are $2 for 8
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soon Rebecca after. a feeling of calm from washed I said, my the mouth salivating story . I had to learn how to use ‘I only ate chicken nuggets for 15 years’ in Issue 11 made me think of my 16-year-old daughter, Laura. Like Rebecca, Laura is a chicke
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He’s here again,’ Rosie explained. ‘Sis, he’s probably just hungry,’ Jamie said. ‘Have you called the shelter?’ Rosie twitched at the thought. ‘I can’t call them! You do know what they’ll do?’ She poked her nose out through the curtain. He was still