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Elixir of youth


I’m starting to notice the inevitable signs of ageing. What foods are best to help maintain healthy skin?


New Zealand’s UV (ultraviolet) levels are much higher than those in the UK, the ancestral home of most sunburnt Kiwis. Those with paler skin are

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Roadblocks To Reform
Political scientists call it “the democratic recession”. Over the past two decades, citizens of advanced democracies have begun to lose faith in their political systems. Inequality has soared. Trust in democracy has declined. Governments have fallen.
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Stand Up And Be Counted
One Ben Elton is peering via Zoom from Canberra. Another Ben Elton is peering, much more moodily, from the cover of his 1987 live album, Motormouth. The LP gets held up to the camera for a reaction. “Oh my god. You own that?” Elton says on seeing his
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Have we become more disagreeable in the 21st century? Has social media made it harder to change people’s minds? We have been getting more “disagreeable” for centuries as our societies have become steadily more egalitarian, diverse and disputatious. B