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career as a jazz guitarist would’ve been more convenient in New Orleans or New York City, where clubs to perform in and musicians to perform with are more plentiful. But those jazz-rich cities aren’t home to him. Ballantine, a 2013 graduate of Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music, grew up

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Happy Camper
OUTFITTERS SELL GOODS you need for a nature retreat. Becker Supply Co. sells apparel and accessories for telling people you love going on them. Screen-printers Leena and Jake Middaugh affix “Fish Crew” and “Born to Swim” onto T-shirts and other wares
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We moved into our house five years ago, and it happened to be across the street from the Fountain Square Clay Center (p. 54). I had only taken one ceramics class in college, and I was terrible at it, but I remembered enjoying it. I thought it would b
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After hosting a wreath-making workshop this past holiday season, The Flower Boys are prepping for spring-related arrangements. They typically host 12-person classes in March or April, and teach people how to make their own Easter basket or springtime