Spend time in the water working on buoyancy, head position, body position, and feel for the water instead of going straight in and doing only freestyle. Get in and play around — it helps your body relearn quicker. Do LOTS of sculling, treading water, lowering your head and diving down and pushing off

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Hack Yourself
$400 for first month, $200/mo. | What // The current version of Levels’ platform uses Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre with a sensor that stores up to eight hours of glucose information for periodic download via the built-in contactless near
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Is Triathlon Ready for the NCAA?
If everything goes according to plan, USA Triathlon expects to have 40 universities signed on with varsity women’s triathlon programs by this fall. That’ll be over two years ahead of the deadline they needed to meet, and will put triathlon on track t
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Jess Learmonth
Most triathletes know Jess Learmonth from the controversial finish at the 2019 Olympic qualifying race in Tokyo, where she crossed the line holding hands with British teammate (and friend) Georgia Taylor-Brown for a joint first place. The gesture—mea