High Times


The enigmatic MF DOOM exited the physical realm as mysteriously as he lived in it. Last December 31, as the world bid adieu to the dumpster-fire year that was 2020, MF DOOM’s wife announced that the celebrated London-born rapper—famous for his Doctor Doom–inspired mask—had passed away on October 31, a day when wearing a mask is customary.

As the hip-hop community grappled with his shocking death, 24-year-old Bishop Nehru sat in disbelief. DOOM had served as his mentor since Nehru was a teenager. The two collaborated together to produce the 2014 album , and Doom contributed to Nehru’s 2020. Beyond music, DOOM guided the young Nehru in life and helped mold him into the serious student of hip-hop he is today. But in the wake of his death, DOOM fans accused Nehru of “fumbling” the rare co-sign, which only gave Nehru that much more motivation to prove them wrong.

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