New York Legislature Strips Cuomo Of Extraordinary Emergency Powers, With A Caveat

It's the latest setback for Cuomo, who is facing a pair of political crises. But many of his critics say the legislation doesn't do enough to wrest power back from the executive branch.
New York lawmakers approved a bill Friday to strip Gov. Andrew Cuomo of the extraordinary authority to issue COVID-19 directives — a power it granted last year. But the measure allows existing orders to be extended. Cuomo is seen here during a news conference last month. Source: Seth Wenig

New York lawmakers voted to strip Gov. Andrew Cuomo of his extraordinary emergency powers on Friday, saying that current COVID-19 circumstances no longer justify the expansive powers Cuomo was granted last year. But the legislation also allows the governor to extend orders he has already issued.

New York's and , both of which are led by Cuomo's fellow Democrats, approved the move on

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