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Your Best Birth Starts Now
Ignore the horror stories. Birth is safer today than it’s ever been, and the risks to both Mother and Baby are small. But a successful birth isn’t just about delivering a physically healthy baby – it’s about having the best possible experience you ca
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Can They Share The Love?
Q I’m still breastfeeding my toddler, and my baby is due in a month or so. I want to try tandem feeding, but the thing that concerns me is colostrum. I know how important it is for my newborn, so how do I make sure that my toddler doesn’t drink it al
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Easing The Transition
■ Make a big fuss about the move. Tell him that he is such a big boy now and he can sleep in a bed just for big boys. ■ You don’t necessarily need to pack the cot away. You could also give him a choice about where he wants to sleep. It might be a goo