Your Pregnancy

8 ways to get closer

1 HAVE A BABYMOON. Make your baby your top priority. Switch off your phone, and forget about housework and chores that can be done later.

Put your

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We Are What We Eat?
Q I’m expecting my first baby, and I’ve read that what you eat can change your genes. Wow, is that true? I’m so aware that my body is busy building a baby. So does the same apply for what I’m eating now and my baby’s genes? Please tell me more and gi
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❯❯ Pay It Forward
When your child has outgrown their seat, you can help to save another life by donating the seat to Wheel Well, a non-profit organisation that has the seats checked and cleaned and then distributes them to people in need. The car rental company Imperi
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Q I WOKE UP, AND MY BED WAS ALL WET. HOW DO I KNOW IF IT IS DISCHARGE OR SWEAT? A Vaginal discharge usually has a distinctive odour and will be slightly more ”mucousy” than sweat. Also, it would be more profuse between your legs. If your bed is wet