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The nurse had a small glucose monitor, which she used to prick my index finger.

“3.9,” she said. “Interesting.”

I had no idea what that meant. I was here for an OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test), which was organised and executed with precision. Firstly, my blood was drawn and tested to establish a fasting glucose level. Next, I was given a glucose drink. My blood was tested an hour later and again after two hours. I

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Children are born with a strong urge to explore their surroundings. Encourage them to look at their world closely and marvel at the wonder of it all. Be on the lookout for ”what if?” moments in your day-to-day life, whether it be while they’re playin
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A Reluctant Dad Speaks
Q: HOW DID YOU FEEL WHEN YOU DISCOVERED YOUR PARTNER WAS PREGNANT? Devastated! I was the lowest I have ever been, in a very dark place. Q: WHY DID YOU NOT WANT TO HAVE CHILDREN? Genetics, life experiences, my mental make-up, the world, the country
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Anje and Anri van Rensburg are fraternal twins (6 months old and from Albemarle, Germiston) with a special twin bond. They are the happiest girls. They enjoy listening and moving to music. They also love spending time outdoors admiring and enjoying n