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Communal cooking is a double-edged sword, especially if you are a control freak like . It’s lovely to cook with someone who knows what they’re doing, not so much if you catch them using Butro on your . This is why I only go on self-catering holidays with food nerds and, even then, the likelihood of my imposing my food agenda on everyone is pretty high. I do not believe in settling

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After losing her mother, father and husband to chronic illness – and being diagnosed with cancer herself – food critic, editor and cookbook author Tamsin Snyman turned her attention to health and nutrition. Among other things, she's launched a produc
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Curry Favour
“I learnt how to make my first curry with my father’s mother, my ouma, in the Cape Malay Quarter in Cape Town. It was my introduction to an authentic Cape Malay lamb curry. It required slow cooking – as most of the vintage Cape Malay dishes do – and
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Thickening Tricks
To thicken your stew, make a roux using equal quantities of butter and flour. If you caramelise it well, it will add real depth of flavour. You’ll need about 140 g roux to thicken a litre of liquid for a medium consistency. Mix a little cornflour wit