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Comfort Zone
For this risotto, Café del Sol steers clear of standard arborio rice (which they feel can get stodgy quite quickly) in favour of top quality nano rice, which absorbs a little less liquid. The kicker for any mushroom risotto is, of course, the mushro
Woolworths TASTE1 min gelesen
Cool Facts
The Cape’s infamous  south-easter cools the vineyards and often brings cloud cover, blocking sunlight and slowing ripening of the grapes. The region has very cold  winters and rarely experiences summer temperatures over 30°C. Afternoon coastal breez
Woolworths TASTE1 min gelesenRegional & Ethnic
What’s Your Favourite Comfort Food?
“Squashing soft little pillows of gnocchi between tongue and palate makes me happy.” – Tharien Nel “It has to be something involving béchamel sauce. I ate gallons of the stuff as a child and it was the first thing my mom taught me to cook, so I cou