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Year Of The Goat
Why would Henry Lawrence Faulkner, an artist, interrupt a University of Kentucky football halftime show by walking across the field with an unleashed goat at his side, holding (Henry holding) a rabbit on a heart-shaped pillow? Well, you can’t hold a
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West Virginia
Cody Watson, West Virginia Motor Speedway’s promoter, remembers his first visit to the dirt track. “I was maybe ten,” he says. “I brought my lawn chair up on the hillside, and then I heard the announcer say, ‘Here’s Scott Bloomquist out of Mooresburg
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South Carolina
Alice Ravenel Huger Smith (1876–1958), a leading figure of the Charleston Renaissance, was known for her dreamy watercolors of marsh vistas. But the creative also painted portraits, sketched architectural drawings, and started a local movement of art