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There’s a linen-bound journal on a table in the sunroom overlooking the gardens at Nashville’s historic Craighead House, where the owner Steve Sirls, a landscape designer by trade, keeps sporadic but detailed accounts of the gardens’ goings-on. Everything from favorite plants to parties gets recorded for posterity. One of the earliest entries recalls the “garden-warming” soiree friends threw Sirls and his husband, Allen De-Cuyper, on a fall evening just

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With a brass section mimicking the lilt of a train whistle over the thrum of wheels on a track, the song “Chattanooga Choo Choo” rocked America’s musical landscape when the Glenn Miller Band released it eight decades ago. Coinciding with the height o
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Vista Vision
WHEN ALLYSON AND PAUL RISER FIRST set foot on the narrow lot along Highway 30A in the heart of Seaside, Florida, they were skeptical. In fact, they mistook the neglected strip of land as overflow parking for neighboring homes. “It looked like a patch
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“When I visit somewhere, I want to feel like I got the vibe and energy of the city,” says the Fort Worth native and entrepreneur Jonathan Morris, who hosts Self Employed, a show on the new Magnolia Network that highlights small-business owners nation