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A Puzzling Pooch

If you want proof of God’s sense of humor, please take as exhibit A our dog Winnie’s inexplicable body.

It’s nothing shocking, at first, no extra tail coming out of her head or anything like that, but give it a moment. You’ll see her nice tan color, a frame you can tell started out in the Labrador family before her ancestors made some dubious choices in romance. When she stands, though, take a look at her hind legs. They are too long, undoubtedly, and are in strange proportion to her front ones, as if she were put together by a child with mismatched Legos. You could place a marble on her rump and it would roll to her collar. Even when she sits, it’s like these back legs get in the way of their own job. They’re too big to tuck under her belly and so splay out uselessly to

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