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Xenophobia blame game inflicts great pain

BORN in Cato Manor during the apartheid era of 1956 and one of 13 children, my strict parents taught me and my siblings that we must know that we had neighbours, friends and family of all races who had lived together for many years. We grew up going to all cultural events and I grew up learning Zulu because I played with all the local children.

We were integrated and did not see race, creed or colour. The 1950 Group Areas Act began to be

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Workers Warned About Covid Legalities
LAW EXPERT Andre Visser has warned of the difficulty faced by both employers and employees to properly address the prevalence of Covid-19 within the workplace. Visser was commenting on the case of a butcher at processed meat manufacturer Eskort, who
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Fashion In The Digital Age: Ready-(not) -to-wear
IN A WORLD overrun by influencers, punch-drunk on social media and slavishly led by trends, it is little wonder there are now people willing to pay big money for literally nothing – just to be part of something. Put on your 3D-glasses, we’re about to
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Group’s Life-changing Journey Up Mount Everest
DESPITE a global pandemic and Covid-19-related restrictions, a group of 15 South Africans reached Everest Base Camp in Nepal on a life-changing voyage. The group was led by Klasie Wessels from Streetschool, which is based in Stellenbosch. Wessels sai