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There are many reasons to start an exercise plan, from boosting energy levels to losing pesky pounds, but if you’ve been working towards a body-sculpting goal, you may find that at some point your results start to stagnate. The experts call this ‘hitting a plateau’ and it’s extremely common. So why do measurable results such as weight loss sometimes taper off? Quite simply, your body is a smart machine and, if you don’t continue to challenge your system, it adapts to your training routine in order to move more efficiently. The net result is that your body expends less energy (and, therefore, uses fewer calories) doing the sessions that once garnered speedy results. But there are other reasons too – sleep habits, stress levels, genetics, muscle gain, motivation and hormonal fluctuations all play a role. Want to know how to bust through your barriers? Our panel of experts reveal how to get the results you’re after, safely and smartly.

Q Should you hire a personal trainer if you’ve

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