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Smart bike versus turbo: what’s best for online racing?

If there’s one thing which remains identical between racing indoors and out, it’s the desire to optimise your equipment for the best possible performance. But just like choosing a bike or a set of wheels, there’s no obvious best choice for every situation – a whole multitude of factors come into play when making the decision one way or another.

So, to shine some light on these considerations, we spoke to two eminent Zwift racers from the UK racing scene about their preferred

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Rising To The Challenge
I completed the CW5000 Challenge on April 24. A lot of the miles were done virtually due to a mixture of inclement weather, lockdown, age (71), and my main challenge this year: the 200-mile Norfolk Epic taking place in June. I’ve used a combination o
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130 Years Of Grub
These days a bike racer’s food is often as hi-tech as their drivetrain, but it wasn’t always thus. For much of the 20th century, breakfast might have seen you chowing down on a piece of steak, perhaps with some rice. And don’t forget a health-giving
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Should Cyclists Rebalance Their Perspective On Weight?
I had a period where I was obsessed by my weight, not healthy. I don’t weigh myself at all these days, when I am riding all the while I can eat what I want (within reason and healthy most of the time). During the winter I don’t mind packing on a bit.