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Future tech of indoor racing


ith Zwift already supporting steering, it seems inevitable that this will eventually become an intrinsic part of elite-level racing – increasing the dynamics and the reliance on race-craft as opposed to

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Intermittent Vo2
Sports scientist Alex Welburn ( says: “This is a great session if you will be producing repeated short efforts under fatigue, e.g. like a crit, to develop your ability to produce repeated explosive efforts while accumulating fatigue.
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Tabata Or Classic Intervals?
It’s become popular to structure VO2 max work as 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off repeatedly for around six minutes, or Tabata intervals of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. However, it’s difficult to perform these at a consistently true ‘max’, and this le
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Giro D’italia Preview
All stages live on Eurosport and GCN+ Ten years since Turin hosted the 2011 Grande Partenza to celebrate the 150-year anniversary of the unification of Italy, the Giro returns, this time to celebrate the 160th anniversary. The nation will no doubt be