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here’s no doubt that virtual racing has had a huge impact on the sport in the last five years. At any time

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Cycling and Mopeds 1 November, 1961
The hill-climb National Championships took centre stage this week after it was won by just one-fifth of a second on the 666-yard climb of Yorks Hill in Kent. Many readers will instantly recognise this as the Catford promotion that before last year’s
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Dr Hutch
This magazine is 130 years old this year. Honestly, it seems like only five years since we celebrated the 125th anniversary, and 10 since the 120th, but still, I think it’s admirable that we mark every five years with an excess of celebration. It’s l
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Froome Hits Back At His Critics
Chris Froome has hit out at his critics, saying he’s not just going to “throw in the towel” and give up as he attempts to take back his place at the top of the sport following his return from injury. In 2019 Froome was in intensive care after he cras