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Antiscia: Secrets in the Mirror by Elizabeth Hazel. Kozmic Kitchen Press, kozmickitchenpress.com, 117 pages, paper, $26.50.

The subject of this book might be something quite new to anyone who has studied only modern Western astrology, based on the standard list of the Sun, Moon, and planets, plus signs, houses, and aspects. Though some early writers on astrology mention antiscia, the references are often obscure and lacking in details, save

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1st-8th: Cultural activities. You will be reminded of the important role friends play in your life, Virgo. On the 5th the Sun in your solar 11th forms a sextile to Uranus in your solar 9th, signaling that you and your group may attend cultural activi
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Your July Birthday Horoscope
1 Altruistic, ambitious, daring. Your ambitions and position in life are in the spotlight. Be willing to make positive changes. Try to resolve problems with your peers, parents, and superiors. Ruling planet: Sun. Gem: Diamond. (Dan Aykroyd, actor) 2
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