Van der Poel reigns alone in Siena

he period between 1260 and 1355 was Siena’s golden age. The city grew to around 50,000 people and the significant architectural landmarks - the Duomo, and the gothic Palazzo Publicco on the Piazza del Campo were built, giving the hilltop city the look it retains to this day. Siena was ruled by the Noveschi - the Government of the Nine - a bankingmercantile oligarchy who were quite democratic by the standards of the time. As elected officials, they defended the interests of the

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26 MARCH 2021 Mathieu van der Poel rides ahead of a peloton which is splitting under the pressure of a tough race at the E3 Saxo Bank Classic, formerly known as E3 Harelbeke, between the Boigneberg and Eikenberg climbs. The race pitched Van der Poel
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A New Classics Star In Asgreen Is Born
EDITOR Ed loves the Ronde with all his heart. But he thinks the run-in is meh. The organisers need to rejig it, so at least something happens in the final 15 minutes of the race. DEPUTY EDITOR Among the riders who have stood out this spring is Emma N
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Quick Step Dominance
There is really only one team in town when it comes to the Belgian classics. Out of the seven main races that make up the Belgian spring cobbled races, Deceuninck-Quick Step won four this year. Of the past 33 editions of these races, over the last fi