riginally costumed crimefighter the Cat, Greer Garson was transformed by a saucerful of

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Beyond The Grave
“There’s a couple of things that I’m in talks on and one of them is…” he pauses. “I just can’t talk about stuff right now!” Outside of his undisclosed projects, he does have another dream gig. “I’m a big F Paul Wilson fan, there’s a series of books t
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Deborah Ayorinde
What can you tell us about Lucky? She’s a firecracker. She’s a fighter. She’s a free spirit. She’s a teacher, a mother. She was the backbone of her North Carolina Community. She’s one of those people who have a light about her, and after the terrible
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Last Monster Standing
GENRE AFICIONADOS LOVE TO DEBATE. What science fiction franchise rules the galaxy? Which comic book company spawned the best characters? What iconic horror villain slays the other slashers? And when Godzilla vs. Kong roars into cinemas and living roo