GREG NICOTERO is a happy man. Busy, but happy. When SFX catches up with the horror master on the phone, he’s been facing zombies during the day on season 11 of The Walking Dead and by night he’s deep in the edits for season three of Creepshow. “I turn 58 years old in two weeks and I’m still going to work with the same amount of giddy glee that I did when I stepped foot on the set of Day Of The Dead in 1984,” he laughs.

But hang on – season three of Creepshow?

“When we were shooting season two,” Nicotero says, talking about the new episodes that air in April, “we kind of rolled right into season three. I think the network was just waiting to announce it, but by the time they had announced it, we were almost done filming it already,” he chuckles. “We were very fortunate, we were one of the first long-form productions to get back to work and we piggybacked an entire third season onto our production slate.”


Shudder’s frankly brilliant reboot of George A Romero’s 1982 anthology movie broke

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