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I’ve Attempted to murder my Wife…
Martin would be out at all hours and drank a lot. He’d been like it a bit before we got married, but he’d promised me he was ready to settle down. Only now, it was worse than ever before. Within a matter of weeks, the honeymoon phase was over. Martin
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Killer curiosity
Violence, gore and death. These three things most of us would find hard to cope with if they were to rear their ugly heads into our personal lives. Death, especially as a result of murder, is something the majority of us fear. We grieve and struggle
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In Our Hands
Throwing another pregnancy test in the bin, I felt deflated. ‘Negative… again,’ I said, turning to my husband Inars, 27. ‘We can keep trying,’ he reassured me. I was desperate to be a mum, and after two miscarriages, every negative test hurt that lit