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A bright future

The Creative Future Writers’ Award 2021 is inviting entries. This year’s contest for underrepresented writers has the theme of Essential.

The Creative Future

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Global Fiction Market
If you’ve always liked Sherlock Holmes stories and fancied writing a few here’s the publisher for you. MX Publishing is devoted to bringing readers ‘the best in new Sherlock Holmes novels, biographies, graphic novels and short story collections every
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Funny Women Roll Up
Now in its third year, the Comedy Women in Print Prize 2021 is inviting entries. ‘As an eighties comedian, actress, writer, I had to set up CWIP to create parity in the comedy literary landscape for witty women authors and to enable an unpublished wi
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Mutual Aid
Regularly both local radio and independent booksellers get positive mentions in these pages and I am a fan of both. Each have been affected in different ways of late. Booksellers, like all retailers, have had problems of course. Local radio may seem