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E’VE FINALLY on the climb toward our $10 million 50th Anniversary Campaign goal. The view is great, but we need a final burst of energy to make the summit and bring this homegrown operation into the modern age of news production.

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BEFORE THE PANDEMIC, the cedar plankhouse called Cathlapotle would have been full of stories and fire. Every winter, the Chinook Indian Nation and neighboring tribes hold their annual gathering here, on their ancestral lands on a Columbia River flood
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Just wanted to commend Leah Sottile and HCN for an excellent article, “Did James Plymell Need to Die?” (March 2021). I worked at the County Alcohol and Drug program in Albany, Oregon, years ago, and it seems the same difficulties in service delivery
High Country News3 min gelesen
Reversing The Damage Done
RESTORING NATURE is hard work. As career conservationists, we learned that firsthand in our efforts to restore alpine meadows on Mount Rainier, remove dams on the Elwha River in Olympic National Park, and reintroduce wolves in the Greater Yellowstone