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Golden oldies

VER THE LAST few years, the team at Rowen Barbary has noticed an increase in calls to the helpline relating to older horses suffering from a number of health concerns. These can either be associated with more common problems,

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SEND A Selfie
Keep your photos coming in to Finlay licking his lips after dinner. Stephanie Fay, Warwickshire Roo’s face says it all. He’s not a fan of selfies. Claire, Tyne and Wear Super selfie with Stanley, Lula, Grace, Kate and Dad! >Grace J
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Riding Underwear
WE ALL KNOW the importance of having the right bits of tack and riding wear to ensure both you and your horse are comfortable, but how much thought do you give to the underwear you choose? Being comfortable in the saddle whether you’re hacking out or
Your Horse1 min gelesenMedical
Rescue Update
Redwings has named 19 horses rescued in November 2019 after NHS hospitals in tribute to frontline health workers and their tireless work during the pandemic. The newly named equines include Queen Elizabeth, Princess Royal, Paget, Radcliffe, Good Hope