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LTHOUGH WE LOOK forward to warmer days, summer brings its own problems. Flies become a concern for many, although exactly when the flies will arrive is generally dependent on the weather conditions. This is even worse for those whose horses are

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9 Leg Care Tips
■ Limit the amount of trotting on roads to five minutes a day ■ Walk as much as you want on roads ■ Use a variety of surfaces - road, arena, tracks, all-weather ■ Doing three or four sessions per week is sufficient for increasing fitness ■ Increase w
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meets Tom Robinson
WELL, HERE’S TO you Mr Robinson! That’s Tom Robinson, former event rider, who no longer cares about winning rosettes or chasing silverware. Twenty years battling bipolar disorder and an extreme upswing into mania have prompted his priorities to turn
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Feeling Mareish
MARES GET SOME pretty bad press. Many horse owners have a love or hate mentality when it comes to female equines. I’m firmly in the ‘love’ camp. I’ve owned three mares and feel my best partnerships have been with them compared to geldings. With an es