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It’s not affiliated to the Somali group of the same name Five years ago. Al-Shabaab – which means “The Youth” –

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World In Focus
Zimbabwean photographer Tamary won the open competition with this striking picture. “With this image, I wanted to portray a hybrid African-Victorian: my way of probing the stereotypical contextualisation of the black female body,” she says. “Taking a
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Horror. A house with death in it can never be sold by the living, only borrowed from its ghosts. This is something hospice nurse Lily Saylor (The Affair’s Ruth Wilson) learns when she moves into a house in Massachusetts to look after Iris Blum (Paula
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‘I Had To Stay Positive’
SHE knew something was wrong as soon as she got to work that day – she felt feverish and nauseous and when she went to the bathroom to freshen up, she fainted. Confused and scared, Shaninlea Visser asked her boss to drive her to the hospital. “My han