Who Do You Think You Are?


Can you settle an argument between me and my cousin?

Q My cousin and I are having a friendly argument about this photograph of our great grandfather Edwin Wood, who was born in Bristol in 1868. My cousin believes that he is

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Who Do You Think You Are?1 min gelesen
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a University of Reading, Redlands Road, Reading, Berkshire RG1 5EX t 0118 378 8660 w merl.reading.ac.uk The museum turns 70 this year. Its archives host several online databases, and there is a guide to using them at bit.ly/merl-archives. Records in
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Tom Cobb One Man’s Service In The Marines
Tom Cobb was born in Canning Town in Essex in 1882. As a teenager, he worked in a London household as a footman but it wasn’t the role he really wanted. As soon as he turned 18, he applied to join the Royal Marines in London. He was successful and st
Who Do You Think You Are?1 min gelesen
Free Online Records
w digitalarchive.2ndair.org.uk This archive documents the wartime experiences of the US Army’s 2nd Air Division in its ‘home from home’ of Norfolk. w bit.ly/norfolk-pics Explore more than 25,000 images from the county’s past. w historic-maps. nor