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Given you are reading Cycling Weekly, it’s fair to assume a few things about you: you’re rarely happier than when riding a bike, your favourite bike-buying equation is n+1, and much of your daydreaming involves sunny days, smooth roads and coffee stops. When your motivation goes AWOL, however, you feel lost and unhappy and in desperate need of a kick up the bum to get you back on the saddle – and that’s what this feature is about: how to stay motivated or, if you do lose your mojo, how to get it back.

Motivational researchers have identified, in theoretical terms, that above-cited ‘kick up the bum’: they call it developing your self-determination. The theory suggests that, to maintain self-determined motivation – the type that gets you out of the door on even the toughest days – you need three pillars in place: 1. mastery over what you are doing; 2. autonomy to do it your own way; and 3. a sense of belonging to your sporting community. Missing just one of

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Cycling 1 May, 1913
A look back at tricycle racing that began in 1879 (tricycle racing was so universal that the championship event was simply called “the 50-mile road race”) reinforces the theory that the more things change, the more things stay the same. Details of a
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Norsgaard wins Festival Elsy Jacobs
After five podium places this year already it was only a matter of time until 21-year-old Danish champion Emma Norsgaard captured her first big international win. She did just that in style at Festival Elsy Jacobs at the weekend winning two stages an
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Shaw Heads Ribble-Weldtite Dominance At Leicester
Former WorldTour rider and UK time trialling newcomer James Shaw headed a Ribble-Weldtite top four at an undulating Leicestershire Road Club time trial on Sunday. The Continental-level team had decamped to Leicester for a team camp on Friday. The who