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Cadillac presents autonomous concept 'InnerSpace'

‘InnerSpace’ uses cutting-edge technologies to optimise the passenger experience and make the most of the extra time afforded by fully autonomous mobility. In doing so, ‘InnerSpace’ further expands the ‘Cadillac Halo Concept’ ‘InnerSpace’ portfolio, which consists of driving and flying vehicles that not only transport people in luxurious ambience, but also enhance passenger comfort and well-being at the same time. With a range of options for autonomy and customisation, as well as advanced connected vehicle features, the ‘Cadillac Halo Concept’ portfolio demonstrates the diverse possibilities that this type of future mobility opens up.

“The vehicles in the ‘Cadillac Halo Concept’ portfolio are designed to enable effortless travel by extraordinary means,” said Bryan Nesbitt, GM Executive Director Global Advanced Design and Global Architecture Studio, “They are visions for the next decade and beyond. They also demonstrate the possibilities offered by General

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