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ith the VANGUARD collection, the ultimate expression of fashion and attention to detail, GIGI Studios offers modern eyewear models that express complete individuality. Spectacle frames with

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Lights On! At Villa D’este
On the occasion of its 150th season, the Grand Hotel on Lake Como opens its doors for the first time over the cold season and presents itself in an extraordinary setting that puts the property in a very special light. In December, Villa d’Este will i
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Welcome To The New Issue
And again, almost a year has passed. Did this one also fly by for you? Time in 2022 seemed to race by – or was it because we were able to do everything bit by bit again? We were able to travel and spend carefree times with family and friends or simpl
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Great Britain
London is a pulsating cosmopolitan city, a financial metropolis and the capital of Britain! Sights very close together here. Anyone coming to London for the first time will be over-whelmed by the flair of this unique city. The historical and economic