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Ellinikon is one of the largest and most ambitious urban regeneration projects in Europe and a new global example of a comprehensive mixed-use urban experience. Lamda Development has now announced the opening of the ‘Ellinikon Experience Centre’.

It is the largest visitor centre of its kind in the world and features technological and direct experience exhibits that immerse guests in the smart, sustainable and innovatively designed future of this ground-breaking project. Ellinikon is located an average of just 20 minutes from the city centre, port and airport of Athens. The Greek capital, one of the world’s most important metropolises, will now become an international pioneer in coastal and environmental design, smart living, indoor-outdoor business and sustainable, low-carbon urban regeneration. Overall, Ellinikon offers a truly comprehensive blueprint for responsible and growth-oriented urban development. This ranges from upscale residential and branded environments in a variety of price ranges to inviting, expansive green spaces – including one of the largest coastal parks in the world. The project rejuvenates the urban shoreline and provides sustainability to the 3.5-kilometre coastal frontage and marina. The shoreline combines a 1-kilometre public access beach and recreational

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