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Verbal Command: Communication Skills of Professional Speakers


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Verbal Command: Communication Skills of Professional Speakers

Verfasst von Brian Tracy und Chris Widener

Gesprochen von Brian Tracy

Bewertung: 2.5 von 5 Sternen2.5/5 (16 Bewertungen)
Länge: 8 Stunden


Public speaking skills and an expanded vocabulary will be yours with Verbal Command, where you'll have unlimited access to the world's top communication experts any time you want. If you need to increase your verbal acuity and master the ability to articulate your thoughts in front of a crowd, then this self-paced program is perfect for your career advancement. You will have instant access to 750 vocabulary words complete with definitions and spoken in context, accompanied with 2,000 synonyms. From creating and delivering effective presentations to memory skills and working a room, the Verbal Command audio suite offers hours of techniques to increase your speaking power. Compare this program to others costing hundreds of dollars and you will discover the incredible value of Verbal Command. Master the language of success and become a verbal superpower with this collection of audio programs and expert speeches including Nido Qubein's How to Communicate Like A Pro. After all, what you what you get. Featured speakers include Chris Widener and Nido Qubein.
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