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Geschrieben von Sarah Prineas

Erzählt von Erin Moon

Bewertung: 4 von 5 Sternen



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Our oaths bind us together, the crow-woman had said. When an oath is broken there is a price. And it is always more than the oath breaker can pay.

These words have haunted Fer, the Lady of the Summerlands, since she first heard them, but Fer knows that the oath she made to her kin is worth keeping, always. She's pledged to serve her people with honesty and without using the disguise and deception of a glamorie. Though Fer has also made a critical mistake-she's trusted others to fulfill the same vow, one that many are unwilling and unable to keep.

Now an oath has been broken, and the Forsworn, a renegade group of Lords and Ladies, has unleashed the consequences of their betrayal onto the lands. A stillness is creeping into the realm, threatening to destroy them all, and only Fer has the power to fight it. But she can't do it alone. Yet when help arrives, it comes from Rook, a puck-boy whose very nature is to trick her. Can Fer trust the unbound puck to stay true?

Sarah Prineas shines in this mesmerizing tale about one girl's quest to inspire change in the face of great danger and resistance.

Erscheinungsdatum31. Dez. 2013

Sarah Prineas

Sarah Prineas lives in the midst of the corn in rural Iowa, where she wrangles dogs, cats, chickens, and goats, goes on lots of hikes, and finds time to write. She is also the author of Ash & Bramble, a retelling of Cinderella. She is married to a physics professor and has two kids. You can visit Sarah online at

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  • Bewertung: 5 von 5 Sternen
    This is the third and final book in the Winterling trilogy. This was a wonderfully magical middle grade fantasy about family, friendship, and staying true to what you think is right.In the last book, Fer, as Lady of the Summerlands made the other Lords and Ladies of the realm vow to rule without the aid of the glamorie. When the Lords and Ladies fail to fulfill their vows the Summerlands start to break. A strange stillness has invaded the land and Fer needs to figure out why. She is pretty sure it has to do with the Lords and Ladies breaking their oaths, but she is not sure how to fix it. Her best ally and friend is Rook the puck boy, but can she trust Rook? Will Rook’s loyalties lie with her or with the Pucks? Can Fer find a way to stop the stillness before it takes over everything?I loved the conclusion to this wonderful middle grade fantasy series. The writing is magical, I loved the characters. Fer has some hard decisions to make and consequences to face in this book. She did what she felt was right in the last book, she made the Lords and Ladies vow to take off their glamorie and serve the people rather than making the people serve them. Fer thinks she made the right choice, but the Lords and Ladies have worn the glamorie for so long that they are no longer entirely separate from them. Fer realized that in a way she is the reason the Summerlands is in trouble and it is because of her ideals that this is happening. Rather than shirk away from that she strives to fix it.Rook is struggling with his loyalty to his puck brothers and his friendship to Fer. He wants to help Fer, but he feels he has to stay true to his puck brothers too. It was interesting to watch Rook try to make both things in this life work together. He is a great character and, although he causes Fer trouble, in the end he makes her stronger too.The story isn’t all that complicated and is fairly predictable. Still I enjoyed the beauty of it and the simplicity of how things worked out. I did like the idea of the Stillness invading the land, it reminded me of the Nothing that tears apart the land in 1980’s movie The Neverending Story.There is a strong theme of friendship and family and staying true to what you believe to be right. I love how things wrapped up so realistically, yet still happily. Overall this was such a magical and entertaining read. It’s a hopeful story full of wonder, and tells an excellent tale of how you have to deal with the consequences of your decisions. I enjoyed the characters immensely and loved the world too. This whole series is highly recommended to fans of middle grade fantasy. I immediately went out and got Prineas’s first book in her Magic Thief series and plan to start reading that series soon.