Oscar Wilde: The Poems


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Oscar Wilde: The Poems

Verfasst von Oscar Wilde

Gesprochen von Sean Barrett

Bewertung: 4.5 von 5 Sternen4.5/5 (9 Bewertungen)
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Oscar Wilde – The Poems. When we think of Oscar Wilde we think of his wonderful wit and of course his plays and short stories. We rarely think of his poetry. We should. His work brings new insights into both his view of the world and how we can view him. Of course many know The Ballad Of Reading Gaol and now we bring you many others; Endymon; Serenade; Helas!; Requescat; Italia; Athanasia; Chanson; The Ballad Of Reading Gaol; To Milton; A Vision; Sonnet To Liberty; Easter Day; Vita Nuova; Her Voice; Impression Du Matin; Sonnet On Approaching Italy; The Grave Of Shelley; In The Gold Room - A Harmony; Santa Decca; Madonna Mia; The Garden Of Eros. This selection is read for you by Sean Barrett
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