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Age of Minority: 3 Solo Plays
Age of Minority: 3 Solo Plays
Age of Minority: 3 Solo Plays
Hörbuch2 Stunden

Age of Minority: 3 Solo Plays

Geschrieben von Jordan Tannahill

Erzählt von Pip Dwyer, Rividu Mendis und Christo Graham

Bewertung: 5 von 5 Sternen



Über dieses Hörbuch

Three of Jordan Tannahill’s fresh and riveting works are featured in this collection, including Get Yourself Home Skyler James, Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes, and rihannaboi95. Based on a true story, Get Yourself Home Skyler James follows the harrowing journey of a young lesbian who defects from the army when she is outed by fellow soldiers. Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes chronicles the last hour of Peter Fechter’s life, a teenager in East Berlin shot while attempting to cross the Berlin Wall in 1962 with his companion. Finally, the award-winning rihannaboi95 centres around a Toronto teen whose world comes crashing in when YouTube videos of him dancing to songs by his favourite pop heroine go viral. Together these solo plays explore the lives of three queer youth and their resilience in the face of violence and intolerance.
HerausgeberECW Audio
Erscheinungsdatum28. März 2017
Age of Minority: 3 Solo Plays

Jordan Tannahill

JORDAN TANNAHILL is an internationally acclaimed playwright who was born in Ottawa and is currently based in London. Two of his plays have won a Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama. He has written one previous novel, Liminal, which was published to much acclaim and named one of the best Canadian novels of 2018 by CBC Books. CBC Arts named him as “one of sixty-nine LGBTQ Canadians, living or deceased, who has shaped the country’s history.” He is a regular columnist on CBC Radio’s The Next Chapter. 

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