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The Accident: A Chilling Psychological Thriller


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The Accident: A Chilling Psychological Thriller

Verfasst von Natalie Barelli

Gesprochen von Teri Clark Linden

Bewertung: 4 von 5 Sternen4/5 (34 Bewertungen)
Länge: 7 Stunden


She made one mistake, now she'll have to pay.

Katherine is good with numbers, which is why she's so successful at her job as an investment analyst. She's in love too, with her boss. That has its own complications, but they're working through it. She’s planning to buy into the company soon. They’ll run it together. They’ll be partners in life and business.

Then Katherine meets Eve. Beautiful, kind Eve, always there at the right time. Always happy to help. Such a reliable friend.

Until the accident…

It was Katherine's fault that someone died that night. And the only person who can help her now, is Eve.

Except Eve is not so nice anymore, and it's terrifying. Because what if the friend you most trusted… was trying to ruin your life?

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