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A Sweethaven Homecoming: A Sweethaven Novel


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A Sweethaven Homecoming: A Sweethaven Novel

Verfasst von Courtney Walsh

Gesprochen von Vanessa Daniels

Länge: 9 Stunden


The Sweethaven Circle is back—and so is a friend they thought they'd never see again!

The women of Sweethaven are enjoying an Indian summer when their old friend—the missing member of their scrapbook circle—arrives back home.

Meghan Rhodes has moved on with her life, leaving Sweethaven and its painful memories in the past. But when her ex files for custody of their twins, she takes the first flight back to the beach town full of haunting memories. Meghan wants to make things right with her ex-husband, her children, and the friends she'd convinced herself she no longer needed. But is she too late? Meghan works with friends Jane, Lila, Adele, and Campbell to begin a new scrapbook for memories yet to be made.

Picking up where A Sweethaven Summer left off, A Sweethaven Homecoming explores the strong bonds of friendship, the power of forgiveness, and the importance of unconditional love.

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