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Saving the Star
Saving the Star
Saving the Star
Hörbuch4 Stunden

Saving the Star

Geschrieben von Rachel Bowdler

Erzählt von Maggi Mayfield

Bewertung: 4 von 5 Sternen



Über dieses Hörbuch

Hollywood actress Atlanta Stone has always been regarded as a vain, out-of-control party girl, and she's more than happy to play that part. However, when she's assigned a bodyguard after surviving a near-fatal robbery, she finds herself chafing against the sudden loss of her independence — the damsel-in-distress role has never been her style.

And close protection officer Beck Harris isn't too fond of her new charge, either. As a bodyguard to celebrities, Beck has spent years perfecting her cool composure around the rich and famous, but when forced to handle a wily, superficial actress intent on pushing her boundaries, her professionalism is pushed to its limits.

Their clashing lifestyles and temperaments take a back seat when a string of attacks on Atlanta suggests that she has become more than a victim of a botched robbery — now she's a target, and if Beck can't figure out who's behind it, they'll never get the chance to see who they are behind the masks they've perfected.

Erscheinungsdatum15. Dez. 2020

Rachel Bowdler

Rachel Bowdler is a freelance writer, editor, and sometimes photographer from the UK. She spends most of her time away with the faeries. When she is not putting off writing by scrolling through Twitter and binge-watching sitcoms, you can find her walking her dog, painting, and passionately crying about her favourite fictional characters. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @rach_bowdler.

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