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Hell Motel: 8 Months at an Economy Hotel
Hell Motel: 8 Months at an Economy Hotel
Hell Motel: 8 Months at an Economy Hotel
Hörbuch11 Stunden

Hell Motel: 8 Months at an Economy Hotel

Geschrieben von Mike Lee

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Über dieses Hörbuch

HELL MOTEL exposes the seedy underbelly of the economy line hotel industry and weaves both humorous and horrific true-life tales of the people that sleep, work and claw to survive at roach motels.

Mike is a privileged, immature and spoiled asshole who relocates to the big city in an attempt to outrun his personal demons. After accepting a management position at a cheap dive motel, Mike is overwhelmed by the prostitutes, drug addicts and desperados that infest the property... HELL MOTEL is more than just a collection of stories, it's a redemptive tale about becoming a champion for employees and finding faith in humanity, even when you are surrounded by the absolute worst of humanity.

Prepare to never look at hotels the same way, ever again.

Erscheinungsdatum31. März 2021
Hell Motel: 8 Months at an Economy Hotel

Mike Lee

I am currently working on my fourth Science Fiction Novel, titled, Slingshot. This future S.F. classic is full of action, adventure, romance, supprises, aliens, plot twists, and has a fantastic surprise ending. Slingshot is about two stepbrothers, who start out hating one another, but in order to save the entire Earth, they must learn to work together as part of a team. Together, they travel to the far reaches of the known universe. The book has lots of action, romance, adventure, aliens, plot twists, and a dynamic ending.I have a Bachelors's Degree in English and a Master's Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation and have a wife and a lovely daughter.I live in Fairfield, Ohio, have a wonderful wife and daughter.

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