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Marple: Twelve New Mysteries
Marple: Twelve New Mysteries
Marple: Twelve New Mysteries
Hörbuch11 Stunden

Marple: Twelve New Mysteries

Geschrieben von Agatha Christie, Naomi Alderman, Alyssa Cole und

Erzählt von Alex Kingston, Adjoa Andoh, Adrian Scarborough und

Bewertung: 4.5 von 5 Sternen



Über dieses Hörbuch


"Each author captures Christie—and Marple—perfectly, while also displaying just a bit of her own unique touch. . . . This new and entertaining collection by some of our favorite writers will hook a new group of readers to the formidable Miss Marple." — Rhys Bowen, Washington Post

“Marple is the best loved [detective]. Also the most influential. . . . It is Miss Marple who introduced the revolutionary notion that people are essentially the same wherever one goes.” Los Angeles Times

Agatha Christie’s legendary sleuth, Jane Marple, returns to solve twelve baffling cases in this brand-new collection, penned by a host of acclaimed authors skilled in the fine art of mystery and murder

One doesn't stop at one murder...

Jane Marple is an elderly lady from St Mary Mead who possesses an uncanny knack for solving even the most perplexing puzzles. Now, for the first time in 45 years, Agatha Christie’s beloved character returns to the page for a globe-trotting tour of crime and detection.

Join Marple as she travels through her sleepy English village and around the world. In St Mary Mead, a Christmas dinner is interrupted by unexpected guests; the Broadway stage in New York City is set for a dangerous improvisation; bad omens surround an untimely death aboard a cruise ship to Hong Kong; and a bestselling writer on holiday in Italy is caught in a nefarious plot. These and other crimes committed in the name of love, jealousy, blackmail, and revenge are ones that only the indomitable Jane Marple can solve.

Bringing a fresh twist to the hallmarks of a classic Agatha Christie mystery, these twelve esteemed writers have captured the sharp wit, unique voice, and droll ingenuity of the deceptively demure detective. A triumphant celebration of Christie’s legacy and essential reading for crime lovers, Marple is a timely reminder why Jane Marple remains one of the most famous detectives of all time.

Anmerkung des Herausgebers

Top crime writers…

Mystery and murder are afoot in these thrilling short stories featuring Miss Jane Marple, the star of over 20 bestselling Agatha Christie novels. The unlikely detective is reimagined by some of today’s most prolific crime writers, including Lucy Foley (“The Paris Apartment”), Ruth Ware (“The It Girl”), and Elly Griffiths (“The Locked Room”). Modern elements add an entertaining spin but never detract from The Queen of Crime’s classic character.

Erscheinungsdatum13. Sept. 2022
Marple: Twelve New Mysteries

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie (1890–1976) is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the bestselling novelist of all time. The first recipient of the Mystery Writers of America’s Grand Master Award, she published eighty mystery novels and many short story collections and created such iconic fictional detectives as Hercule Poirot, Miss Jane Marple, and Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. She is known around the world as the Queen of Crime.

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