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Hörbuch10 Stunden


Geschrieben von David Beers und Michael Anderle

Erzählt von Pete Bradbury

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Über dieses Hörbuch

An alien race decides humanity’s fate: Eradication.

They didn’t count on someone rising to challenge their decree.

Constantine had forsaken his family name and birthright. At 28 years old, he’d escaped Earth to help terraform Mars.

An empire’s heir went missing just as the universe’s greatest threat announces itself.

War Games will decide who represents humanity in this extinction level struggle.

Constantine is summoned.

With little training but abundant talent, can Constantine win these games?
If he does, will he be a force in the coming war?
Or is it already too late for humanity?
Let the games begin.
Erscheinungsdatum16. Aug. 2022

David Beers

David Beers writes thriller novels in Orlando, Florida. When not writing, he obsesses over stories in the news about unexplained deaths and paranormal happenings to the point that his friends and family wonder if he should see a psychiatrist. Before publishing novels, David received awards for his short fiction seen in numerous publications, including the New York Times mentioned Every Day Fiction. David scribbles weekly on topics from crime to horror movies at his website, He loves interacting with fans through email, hand written letters, and smoke signals, so feel free to contact him! 

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