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Antibiotics: A Graphic History
Antibiotics: A Graphic History
Antibiotics: A Graphic History
Hörbuch18 Minuten

Antibiotics: A Graphic History

Geschrieben von Brandon Terrell

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Über dieses Hörbuch

Bacterial infections are a constant threat to human health. Antibiotics stop a bacterial infection from multiplying. They help treat pneumonia, strep throat, and many other infections. But before antibiotics, treatments for these diseases were limited or misguided.

In 1929, the accidental discovery of the first antibiotic, a bacteria-killing liquid called penicillin, kicked off a medical revolution. The use of this new treatment has saved countless lives from World War II soldiers and to modern hospital patients. Explore current issues in antibiotics and the best ways to fight bacteria in this graphic history.

HerausgeberLerner Audio
Erscheinungsdatum1. Aug. 2022
Antibiotics: A Graphic History

Brandon Terrell

Brandon Terrel (B. 1978–D. 2021) was a passionate reader, Star Wars enthusiast, amazing father, son, uncle, friend and devoted husband. He worked as an assistant director and producer on numerous independent films and commercial productions, as well as writing for the “Choo Choo Bob Show.” Brandon received his undergraduate degree from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and his Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Hamline University. Brandon was a talented storyteller, authoring more than 100 books for children in his career. In Brandon’s memory, consider picking up a Stephen King novel or a comic book, re-watching The Mandalorian, reading an old Hardy Boys adventure, and saving an open seat for the next Star Wars movie.

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