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Battle of Frogs and Mice
Battle of Frogs and Mice
Battle of Frogs and Mice
Hörbuch5 Minuten

Battle of Frogs and Mice

Geschrieben von Homer

Erzählt von Olga Makina

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Über dieses Hörbuch

The Batrachomyomachia or Battle of the Frogs and Mice is a comic epic commonly attributed to Homer.

The Mouse-Prince stops by the shore of a lake to drink, and encounters the Frog King. The Frog offers to show the Mouse his kingdom, on the other side of the lake, and the Mouse agrees. The Prince climbs onto the Frog King's back. In the middle of the lake, they are confronted by a water snake. The Frog dives, forgetting about the Mouse, who cannot swim, and the Prince drowns.

On the bank, another Mouse witnesses the scene, and informs the other Mice, who arm themselves for battle. A battle ensues, and the Mice prevail.

HerausgeberRiriro Audio
Erscheinungsdatum16. Sept. 2022
Battle of Frogs and Mice


Homer, a Greek poet best known for The Odyssey and The Iliad, was likely born sometime between 750 BC and 1200 BC. Some historians believe he was an individual man, while others believe he did not exist at all and instead was the combination of multiple Greek poets. It is also surmised that Homer was blind, but this is derived from the character Demodokos in The Odyssey. Although his history remains one of the greatest literary mysteries, Homer is widely considered one of the most profound poets and storytellers of all time.

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