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Betörende Düfte, sinnliche Aromen

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Why do we find some aromas pleasant, sensual or even bewitching, while we turn our nose up at others? Top-selling author Georg Schwedt teaches scientifically-minded readers about scents and perfumes, aromas and spices. In a clever mixture of exact science and entertaining information he describes the manifold facets of the chemistry behind aromas. Topics range from the physiology of smelling, via methods of extracting scents and the creation of ethereal oils right up to such perfume icons as Chanel No. 5 or Tosca. Along the way Schwedt he uncovers fascinating facts from the culture and science of yesteryear and combines these with the latest results from chemistry. As a result, the reader learns about ancient Egyptian methods for making perfume and about the therapeutic use of scents, which can also be experienced in perfume museums.

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