The Kelly Khumalo Story


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The Kelly Khumalo Story

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Kelly Khumalo is an award-winning kwaito star who rose to national fame at the age of 21: the shining star who, after a string of bad decisions and relationships, soon lost her shine. The book tracks the life and times of the fallen township pop princess, her plummet from grace, disastrous relationships with men, her addiction to cocaine, and finally her hardfought battle back to sanity and her real love, music. Seen through Melinda's sharp and always original eye, this book promises to be a page turner from start to finish. Now reunited with Kelly, manager Sarah Setlaelo, in her contributions to the book, offers a rare glimpse into the backstage of the South African music industry, rife with sensation and backstabbing. It is a tale of highs, lows and personal triumph. Can Kelly come back from the edge?
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