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Free Inside and Out


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Free Inside and Out

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In Free Inside and Out, Marilyn Meberg and Luci Swindoll remind you that God's grace is your source of freedom, and that you can claim that freedom right now, no matter what your circumstances.

Two very different women offer insights on what freedom really means and show you how to:

find freedom by getting to know and like yourself escape from the prison of past pain, personal flaws, and old wounds understand the free gift of grace God has given you love and honor others while honoring yourself with healthy boundaries exchange the bondage of legalism for the liberty of grace make choices that will help you live a life of love, laughter, and personal fulfillment

From dealing with debt and personal doubts to expressing  yourself in delightful new ways, Free Inside and Out offers practical wisdom and witty insight from two of Women of Faith's® most beloved speakers.

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